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Have a wedding, anniversary, big birthday, christening or a company gala fast approaching? Or just want to have an impressive celebration surrounded by your nearest and dearest? We all love to have a great time and treasure memories of big life milestones, celebrations, but just a thought of organizing a big event might send your mind into frenzy and provoke anxiety. Firstly, it takes a lot of precious time we do not have, and secondly, it's getting harder to surprise, impress our guests these days. Without a doubt, the banquet place, catering, music, a party host, even a cake play a huge part in a good event, but how to make guests tremble with excitement, have their skins crawl with delight of a spectacle, memories of a lifetime to treasure? Let me introduce Celebration Guru – a family run business established in 2015. The focus of the company's owner and founder Roland Ches, has always been the costumer: fulfilling their personal requirements with the best quality we can deliver. We are a team of creative people, your best friend and adviser when it comes to organizing and delivering the most spectacular event for you and your guests! CELEBRATION GURU core values are: professionalism, reliability, adaptability, punctuality and last, but not the least; client satisfactory. Our priority is to meet and exceed your event’s every requirement, but most of all, to leave an ever lasting impression on you and your guests of your special celebration event. We will host the show at any venue of your choice. We would cater for any age group party and would substitute drinks with non- alcoholic Tower or a drink of your choice for younger tastes. We promise to take care of your special event’s entertainment, leaving you to relax and enjoy the show with your guests! If you want to pleasantly surprise your guests, leave them gasping with delight of a spectacle and lifetime memories to treasure - the Champagne Tower Show is without a doubt the right choice. Have a glimpse/ experience the show with your own eyes by clicking on photos and videos in Gallery.
Please note, that we are offering our services only within 50miles radius from London at the moment.

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