As well as yourselves, we would like your event to exceed all your expectations and go as smooth as possible. To ensure that happening, we need you to fill out details below to give us the information we need: 
1. Date and time. 
2. Full address of your venue and details like name. 
3. Your name, email address and phone number. 
4. Duration in hours you will need our service for. But please note that we will need extra time to put things up and clear afterwards. 5. Type of celebration (wedding birthday, christening, etc) and name/names of person/persons the event is organized for. 
6. Selected Option from Champagne Tower Show page. Please note that you will be in charge of providing drink for your champagne (glass) tower. Keep in mind that one (750m) bottle will be required for 4 glasses. Always keep 1 bottle extra just for any eventualities. 7.Any additional information you think is relevant.

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